Crunch Puffs

Crunch Puffs

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Crunch Puffs Facts:

  • Single-ingredient 100% grass-fed beef crunchy treat
  • High in protein, low in fat
  • Support oral health
  • Crafted in the USA

Crunch Puffs are nutritious single-ingredient 100% grass-fed beef crunchy treats that last longer than most. They satisfy your dogs instinctual need to chew within a few bites. Crunch Puffs support oral health by removing plaque build up and provide high quality protein that is low in fat.

And did we mention the crunch? Not only will your dogs love it, but you will too.

Recommended Feeding:

  • Dogs under 25 lbs, allow one Crunch Puff a day
  • Dogs 26 - 50 lbs, allow two Crunch Puffs a day
  • Dogs 51+ lbs, allow three Crunch Puffs a day

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