Memopet Dog Collar

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In an ever-changing world, where objects of daily use are increasingly hi-tech, useful, and functional, we decided to make collars, harnesses, and leashes smart and interactive.

Imagine the potential of these accessories, useful and

hi-tech, capable of storing a pets most important information and keeping it at hand, easily accessible via the memopetID app on your smartphone.

What makes this line special is its technology. We have encased an NFC microchip in every collar, harness, and leash, so that they can be connected to your smartphone by simply approaching them.

Technology and functionality. The NFC chips inside each memopet accessory interacts with the memopetID app to provide a revolutionary service.

Memopet Dog Collar comes in Pink, Green and Black.  


Small - 26-37cm

Medium - 35-53cm

Large - 44-68cm

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