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CLIX Carsafe
Ready for a road trip? Designed by Dr. Roger Mugford and his team, the CLIX CarSafe Harness keeps your dog comfortable and secure while travelling in the car.

For the safety of you, your pet and other road users, it’s required by law in many countries around the world to restrain your dog while travelling. That’s why the CarSafe Harness is made from safety-standard seatbelt material, and has two flexible options for fixing in the car. Plus, once you’ve arrived at your destination, CarSafe is designed to also be a comfortable walking harness for your dog.


Secure continuous webbing loop design


Padded so dogs can sit or lie in comfort


Innovative ‘X’ design over the dog's chest

Easy to fit

Flexible adjustment for different dog breeds

Did you know ?
For the safety of the driver and other road users, many countries have legislation in place that requests owners secure their pets while a vehicle is moving. Yet research suggests that around the globe, awareness of these laws is fairly low. In the UK, 69% of dog owners were not aware of this law and 20% do not use a pet restraint. Insurance companies are also starting to take a stronger stance on this. If your unrestrained pet is found to have contributed to a road accident, your insurance claim may be invalidated – and nobody wants that.

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